Monday, 9 July 2012

Faith Comes With Adversity and Diversity

Or does it?
My goodness what a day, what a weekend! Full of adversity so my strategy has had to be diversion.
We decided to go to my sister's for my husband's break from work after all the to-ing and fro-ing about what to do with his time off. My sister is away and as we have been here before it seemed like a good option. I ordered a week's worth of food to be collected at the local Waitrose and we were all set.
Friday afternoon before we left I noticed a fault on the screen of my iPad- my passport to the world was out of date! Well what could I do, sort it now, or wait until we had been away and then returned? I rang Apple technical support to find out what my options were and as we were within our first year of ownership and it was a fault rather than my fault, they would replace the iPad at our nearest convenience. All good. There is Apple store near my sister's place so all was organised with an appointment the next morning. However when we arrived at her place that evening we realised that the password to her router was not the original one printed on the back of the marvellous box and so the iPad, even though it would connect with a dodgy looking screen, could not connect. OK I thought we'll sort everything out with a simple text and hey-presto!
Not so.
Saturday morning's appointment was as we expected to some degree, the iPad was replaced and they agreed to upload everything to the "cloud" so I wouldn't loose any data and they would allow us to wait for the data to completely restore on the new iPad as we were without wi-fi, or broadband of any kind. So the story continues. When we collected later on in the day they helped me set up the passwords to a lot of the apps and find any apps which hadn't reloaded. This included setting up the mail accounts again- crazy mindless nonsense from Google so I can't access the blogger account neither can I receive my blog emails!!!! However my other email addresses are working. No matter how many "change Password" attempts we tried the account just would not set itself up without failing!
Later in the day I realised that all the data actually needed prompting to reload, we spent another 30 minutes in Apple store, using their wi-fi, suggesting to the iPad that I wanted to open apps and use books and podcasts so that they would reload. This just went on and on for the next 24 hours as we still hadn't found the router password, my sister was obviously not receiving the messages; by this time we had sent text and email.
So by Sunday evening I had prepared myself to go to bed and enjoy a well-loved calming 35 minute yoga nidra meditation only to discover that my iPad had of course lost it- if I had access to the iMac at home I could reload it through iTunes but I didn't! I was without my regular meditations, stored audios and videos of recovery advice and as we didn't have wi-fi I couldn't access the website and forums or even hope to find our iMac at home to link up over time and space (well space, but time and space just sounds better!)
So here I sit, Sunday evening wondering what will happen in the next few days, will we find wi-fi? Will we go home because I just can't live without my towers of strength? Is this a lesson to find myself and give myself strength through adversity? I need to find faith in myself and believe that technology can only take me so far- until I have the physical power to take long walks for calming meditation and enjoy the rain by squelching through mud-filled puddles, I will find it difficult in these times so I must find an inner energy and pull myself through.


  1. Monday morning and we have resotered wi-fi. As for Google I want to pick them up and throw them against a brick wall. I wonder whether they have been doing maintenance this weekend as the xeact same password changes etc etc that I was doing yesterday have worked this morning. I have also managed to guess that where as before the passwords were the same for Blogger and Mail they now appear to be different?? I will be for ever confused and maybe if I ever set up a different blog I will chooe a different host!

  2. sooo frustrating! I am revelling in restored internet at the moment. I rely on it so much - probably too much...